AsmanCrafts Items


KP1001 For Miniature Kondapalli KitchenSet Mail

KP2001 For Special Mysore Ambari

KP1002 For Mena Bride in palanquin Mail

KP1003 For Bride and BrideGroom in palanquin Mail

KP1004 For king on Elephant Mail

KP1005 For Musicians set Mail

KP1006 For Bride and Bridegroom set1 Mail

KP1007 For Bride and Bridegroom set2 Mail

KP1008 For RamaBoat set Mail

KP1009 For Rama,Lakshmana,Seetha and Hanumantha set Mail

KP1010 For Hanuman with Rama and lakshman set Mail

KP1011 For Kondapalli penstand Mail

KP1012 For Musicians set2 Mail

KP1013 For Farmers with OX (Gangireddu) Mail

KP1014 For Matryoshka doll Set1 mail

KP1015 For Matryoshka doll Set2 mail

KP1016 For Grandparents wobblehead Set1 mail

KP1017 For LordBalaji and AleveluManga mail

KP1018 For krishan and Arjuna on Charriot mail

KP1019 For Kondapalli wooden vegetables mail

KP1020 For kondapalli bullockcart mail

KP1021 For Kondapalli village farming set mail

KP1022 For VillageHouse mail

KP1023 For Kondapalli village hut set mail

KP1024 For King and Queen Set mail

KP1025 For Joker mail

KP1026 For Jewelery Bangle Set mail

KP1027 For kumkum box mail

KP1028 For Wooden Sparrow Set mail

KP1029 For Tu-Tu toy mail

KP1030 For Wooden Giraffee mail

KP1031 For dancing doll mail

KP1032 For Wooden crackling toy mail

KP1033 For wooden drum mail

KP1034 For order mail

KP1035 For order mail

KP1036 For order mail

KP1037 For order mail

KP1038 For order mail

KP1039 For order mail

KP2002 For Brundhavanam kondapalli Toy Mail

KP2003 For kondapalli village figures Mail

KP2004 For Kondapalli Brideset Mail

KP2005 For Kondapalli Soldier set

KP2006 For Kondapalli bride kumkumbox Mail

KP2007 For Kondapalli Rocking Animals Mail

KP2008 For Kondapalli WallFrame Mail

KP2009 For Kondapalli BullSet (Gangireddu) Mail

KP2010 To Order Kondapalli wooden tray Mail

KP2011 To Order Kondapalli radham Mail

Processing Time

We take 1-2 weeks to process orders because these are Make to order.And Shipping time varies based on location


Paypal world wide and India/Direct money transfer to account(India)

Toy Images

All the images are for reference but actual item might differ slightly as these are handmade items